Facebook Mentorship Program supports teachers, parents and more


Innovative educators will be thrilled to learn that Facebook has a mentoring program available to individuals in selected groups with a focus on child development, career development or personal growth.This means that administrators can offer their group members this function. Those who use this function to be members of groups can offer or find support. Members can determine how much time they want to spend together and what goals they want to achieve.

Screenshot of Step 1 of having a mentor: Get to know each other.

Briefing of how it works:

Group administrators create a mentorship program
Administrators can choose from a wide range of template projects, such as career advancement, skills training, or support and encouragement, and choose the one that best fits the needs of their society.

People sign up as a mentor/ mentee
Group members can sign up to be a mentor or a mentee and then set up an account showing what assistance they are looking for or how they can offer better assistance. All group members in Messenger can see these answers and start a mentor-ship discussion with you.


  • Describe what you can help with: evaluate strengths / abilities. Indicate a hobby or interest by yourself.
  • Discuss why you want to help: let people know what you were inspired to do so.
  • Approaching you: stipulate desired interaction ways and times.


  • Express what help you need: share the kind of assistance you need. Indicate a shared interest by yourself. It is going to help people get to know you.
  • Characterize the type of mentor you need: provide qualities or particular experiences that will help you.
  • Reaching to you: List your desired interaction ways and times.

Rundown of weekly activities
Week 1: Get to Know Each Other
Get in and share what you’re hoping to get out of this program. Discuss what makes this mentor-ship more successful, such as how you prefer to communicate and how your schedule is. Tell your current jobs to each other. What’s it you love? What would you like to have been different?
Week 2 – 7: Continue to learn about each other
During these weeks topics discussed include:
What was the first job you did?

What is somebody gave you a good piece of advice?

Describe a memorable trip you’ve taken. How would you spend it if you had a free day? Talk about someone you’re admiring What did you do that you’re proud of?

Week 8: Identify Your Strengths
Make a list of your favorite and least inspiring parts of your work. Discuss ways your career can be aligned to interests.
Week 9: Setting Goals
What career goals fit your strengths? What small steps you can take to achieve your career goals.
Week 10: Making a Plan
Work with your mentor to identify what steps you need to take in order to achieve your goal in the ideal amount of time.
Week 11: Measuring Success
Take some time to reflect on your progress so far. Have you reached some of your goals?
Week 12: Celebrating Wins
Review all that you have accomplished together!

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