Commonwealth Medical Fellowships for International Students, UK


Commonwealth Medical Fellowships are now available to medical professionals from low- and middle – income countries to improve their clinical skills.

The program, funded by the United Kingdom Department of International Development (DFID), allows talented and motivated individuals to gain the knowledge and skills needed for sustainable development.

The United Kingdom Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC), sponsored by the DFID, is an executive non – departmental public body. The CSC provides the UK’s main award scheme led by international development goals.

Why the program of the CSC? Every year, the CSC awards approximately 800 awards and stipends to Commonwealth citizens for postgraduate study and professional development.


Eligible Commonwealth countries are: Bangladesh, Cameroon, The Gambia, Ghana, India, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Rwanda, Samoa, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Uganda, Vanuatu, and Zambia.

  • Candidates must be a citizen of or have been granted refugee status by an eligible Commonwealth country or be a British Protected Person.
  • Applicants must have an academic appointment in an eligible Commonwealth country at one of the medical schools by the World Directory of Medical Schools employed by a hospital affiliated to the Medical School where you have the academic appointment.
  • Students must be available to start your program in the UK in January 2020.
  • Participants must Have qualified as a doctor before 1 October 2004 and must have qualified at a medical school recognized by the World Directory of Medical Schools
  • Recipients must be a permanent resident of a Commonwealth country.


Placement: Awards are tenable for a 4-6 month period at any approved UK university hospital.

Value: Each fellowship provides:

  • Approved airfare from your home country to the UK and return at the end of your award, and Research support grant payable to your host university hospital.
  • Stipend (living allowance) at the rate of £1,656 per month, or £2,055 per month for those at university hospitals in the London metropolitan area, Reimbursement of the fee for the single English language test and the fee for General Medical Council (GMC) registration.
  • Warm clothing allowance, and Study travel grant towards the costs of approved travel within the UK.
  • £466 per month for your first child If you are widowed, divorced, or a single parent, and £114 per month for the second and third child under the age of 16, If you are with your children and they are living with you in the same address in the UK.

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Application Procedure

How to Apply: To apply, applicants must make an application directly to the CSC using the CSC’s online application system.
In order for your application to be eligible for consideration: Copy of your valid passport, Full university transcripts and certificates, Academic reference, Endorsement, and Supporting statement.
Admission Requirement: Applicants must have a primary medical degree.
Language Requirement: Candidates must have met the English language requirements of the General Medical Council (GMC)within 2 months of being notified that you have been provisionally selected for an award.

Deadline: All applications must be submitted by 16:00 (BST) on May 13, 2019, and supporting documentation by May 28, 2019.

To apply Commonwealth Medical Fellowships for International Students: Click Here

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